David: Rise of a King

It’s true! The twins are turning the war-stories of the Bible into cutting edge videogames.

First order of business? A massive game of the famous David, who defeated Goliath. The first 3 levels have been successfully Kickstarted and development is well on its way.

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“David: Rise of a King” is created in Unreal 4, with cutting edge graphics. It’s a fresh take on the platformer / 2.5D genre with a deep storyline.

Want in on the action? Visit TheGameBible.com and pre-order your copy.

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  1. Game rise of David the king will have to launch consoles ps3 ps4 x box 360 box and one pc? already have a release date? you guys have any link of the official website with game development for more details on this project? I’m looking forward to this game.

  2. o projeto ira começar do 0 novamanete com a unreal engine 4?

  3. Do you intend to launch this game on physical media? to launch in physical media, not also forget the Brazil work I was very good liked this
    game. that God bless all developers and helpers of this project !!!

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